Vimsoft Live

Experience a revolution in managing broadcasting assets with Vimsoft Live. Imagine seamless live access to a continuously evolving product database. Next imagine having the ability to search this live database using all the powerful search tools VimBiz users are accustomed to. Then imagine importing product information to your local database with a single click…and the product information is all pre-formatted in the familiar VimBiz structure with the image, manufacturer, model, type, description, notes, pricing, and other fields all in the proper places.

Imagine no more because Vimsoft has listened to customer requests for VimBiz with pre-loaded data—only the Vimsoft Live offering takes this wishlist item much, much further. Instead of a static pre-loaded product list, Vimsoft grants all VimBiz users access to the continuously updated Vimsoft Live database. Vimsoft continues to populate this database with products and parts, and is securing relationships with major equipment, software, and parts manufacturers and suppliers to provide even more data.

Vimsoft Live has two immediately recognizable benefits to the broadcast engineering user base:
  • The ability to easily find rich product information that corresponds to assets the user has in their company inventory;
  • The ability to identify the best product or part for an upcoming project (or simply to resolve a Service Request), click to add the item to the local database, and then drag-and-drop it into the Product Request Shopping Cart to create a new PO in VimBiz

The Vimsoft Live experience is so slick it is largely imperceptible that the user accesses information hosted and maintained on a server at Vimsoft headquarters, all the while never leaving the application the user is working in. The subtlety underscores the beauty of the technology. Vimsoft Live is truly revolutionary in managing broadcasting assets, and represents a brilliant example of a Vimsoft corporate goal to surpass customer expectations with software that makes broadcasting companies more efficient.

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