VimBiz Mobile –Freedom+Power

VimBiz Mobile is an Engineering and Operations revolution in freedom and power. This efficiency-enhancing offering enables customers to modify database records from the user’s mobile device. Vimsoft even offers packages that combine the mobile application with powerful mobile computers that incorporate barcode scanning and wireless connectivity. Users can browse and manage their Product Catalog and Asset records, look up E-Documents, browse and submit Service Requests, execute Preventive Maintenance Inspections (PMIs) or System Checks, and perform Asset Scanning Sessions to efficiently update asset location and inventory date. The VimBiz user’s credentials and permissions follow them through all available platforms—Rich, Web, and now Mobile. VimBiz Mobile is a giant leap forward for those who want software that adapts to their workflows, no matter where on the job those workflows may take them. Work where the work is with VimBiz Mobile.

VimBiz Mobile also includes fully integrated RFID support on RFID-enabled mobile devices. For more information click here.

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VimBiz Mobile

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