VimBiz Resource Scheduling
An introduction to the powerful VimBiz Resource Scheduling solution and to how integrated scheduling workflows are with complementary VimBiz solutions. VimBiz Resource Scheduling empowers customers with the critical advantages of Resource Visibility, Real-Time Production Costing, and True Integration.
Employee Scheduling & Timecard Reporting
A summary of how VimBiz simplifies employee scheduling and submission of timecards while respecting working regulations. VimBiz Timecards incorporate an intelligent claim automation feature to ensure accurate time reporting. Three critical advantages are demonstrated: Centralized Scheduling, Mobile Access, and Overtime & Encroachment Visibility.
Asset Management & Service
An overview of how technical assets and service workflows are managed in VimBiz. The VimBiz Asset Management solution provides the critical advantages of Asset Visibility, Lifecycle Costing, and Single-System Efficiency. VimBiz Service Management offers Service Workflow Visibility, Integration Efficiencies, and Real-Time Financial Insight.

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