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It might be a Human Resources sub-module, but VimBiz Timecards incorporates very powerful and sophisticated time reporting, authorization schema, and labor contract management. Employees and contractors are managed in VimBiz—managing their worked time is a logical extension and something VimBiz enables in elegant fashion. What benefits does the VimBiz Timecards sub-module provide?
  • Reporting efficiency - when used in conjunction with VimBiz Scheduling, employee timecards can be defaulted to published schedules and adjusted where necessary—saving time and increasing accuracy
  • Contract control - flexible employee contract rules mean all overtime, encroachment, vacation, shift limitations, and other variables are all taken care of behind the scenes
  • Task visibility - simple and graphical displays help employees stay on top of what they record, and conflicts and imbalances are immediately apparent
  • Authorization control - make sure the right managers approve the submitted timecards of the appropriate employees, and be alerted when things don’t add up
  • Version control - keep track of different timecard versions as approvals or returns are processed by authorizers and Finance
  • Status visibility - enable better planning with instant views of attendance details, vacation bank, sick days, overtime, and more

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