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Emphasizing the power of the Product Catalog, the VimBiz Stockrooms module provides a vital link between purchasing, receiving, and service workflows. It’s the module that provides visibility on currently stocked inventories of parts and consumable items. The Stockrooms module enables users to see what parts go with what products, and it makes life much easier for anyone managing rentals or resolving Service Requests. The VimBiz Stockrooms module is the inventory manager’s best friend. What benefits does it provide?
  • Inventory visibility - see exact locations and quantities of all stock, both locally and throughout the organization
  • Quantity optimization - maintain optimal volumes by setting minimum and maximum stock thresholds based on cost, room, and usage rates
  • Purchasing power - instantly know when any product needs to be reordered, and facilitate purchase through product and vendor information already configured
  • Restocking efficiency - have complete transparency on received items that need to be restocked
  • Usage visibility - powerful reports show what is stocked and where, and also what is being used by every employee, department, and cost center

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