VimBiz Broadcast Enterprise Asset Management Shift LogsShift Logs

VimBiz Broadcast Enterprise Asset Management Shift Logs
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Knowledge Management—an often-used term for a simple concept that pays large efficiency and consistency benefits, and a term that is particularly well-suited for summarizing what the VimBiz Shift Logs sub-module does for your organization. Managing shifts in VimBiz and submitting Shift Logs and associated information are activities that keep everyone aware of what’s going on in any Service Center an employee may be part of. What does the Shift Logs sub-module provide?
  • Communication visibility - employees on subsequent shifts know what issues employees on previous shifts were working on, making everyone more efficient
  • Integration power - further enhance efficiency by directly linking Service Requests, discrepancies, and e-files to any log
  • Notification flexibility - configure notifications upon Shift Log submission or set up shift summary distributions that combine log information over a given shift

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