At Vimsoft customer support is more than just a bullet point, it is the #1 core value expressed in our Mission Statement. Accordingly, Vimsoft offers a number of services to help customers make their existing data better and to help ensure smooth implementation and operation of VimBiz. Additionally, a competitive advantage of Vimsoft is the proprietary development framework (VimDev) upon which VimBiz is built. This framework enables our software development team to provide outstanding customer service by making it possible to implement customizations very quickly and easily. This flexibility means that when a customer suggests an enhancement that would benefit all broadcasting customers, the enhancement can be done very quickly (sometimes minutes; sometimes a few days) and usually at no additional cost to the customer—the enhancement is handled as product development and rolled out in the next release for all customers to benefit from. Of course, Vimsoft’s proprietary development framework also allows the company to implement customer-specific enhancements, as well.

Vimsoft services include:
  • Data importation – either directly or via Microsoft Excel
  • Data cleaning – a highly normalized relational database architecture means data exported back to ERP or legacy systems is better than when initially imported into VimBiz
  • Data normalization – avoid multiple-entry confusion due to older technologies not being able to determine that different spellings should refer to the same location or asset
  • Customization – powerful underlying proprietary technology allows Vimsoft to perform modifications and enhancements in a fraction of the time required in conventional development environments; see enhancements roll out in the next release or sometimes during a single phone call or e-mail exchange!
  • Consulting – with over 3 decades of Broadcast Engineering and Operations experience and over 15 years of developing database-driven software solutions, Vimsoft offers results-driven consulting expertise for system implementation and integration, workflow analysis, inventory management, budgeting, RFID, and other project types
  • Training – choose from onsite, online, or a combination of both
  • Setup Assistance – like training, choose from onsite, online, or both
  • Support & Updates – all customers receive 3 free months of support and updates; annual packages available
    • Live phone support during business hours
    • Quick turnaround e-mail support
    • Access to all new VimBiz releases

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