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Your organization has a lot of equipment and software models, specific assets, and even service work for which Service Agreements may apply. Knowing what is covered under a current subscription can save large sums of money. The VimBiz Service Agreements sub-module provides this kind of visibility. Furthermore, by managing the Service Requests associated with a valid Service Agreement subscription, VimBiz enables the right decisions to be made regarding renewal or cancelation. What does this valuable sub-module provide?
  • Record visibility - increase efficiency and avoid costly and unnecessary repairs through instant visibility of all Service Agreements and automatic flagging on Service Requests related to covered items
  • Financial power - gain control over subscription financial variables such as cost, PO and invoice information, and applicable budget
  • Expiration awareness - stay on top of active subscriptions and associated expirations and costs
  • Valuation insight - make renew/cancel decisions based on Service Request volumes tied to Service Agreement subscriptions

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