VimBiz Broadcast Resource ManagementScheduling

Nowhere are the effects of organization and control more immediately evident than in Resource Scheduling—when things go smoothly nobody notices; when things go wrong the pains are felt right now. The VimBiz Scheduling module is the silent partner that keeps everyone organized and focused on what they should be doing, instead of distracted by what went wrong. VimBiz Scheduling enables the advanced planning and scheduling of facilities and associated roles. Role scheduling is a key VimBiz advantage—it’s much easier to schedule a studio than it is to schedule people. Studios don’t require breaks or have labor contracts that stipulate a maximum of four evening shifts per month. VimBiz Scheduling accommodates such diverse needs and can even take things a step further through integration with the Timecards sub-module. Additionally, Scheduling has the huge advantage of integration with powerful VimBiz modules, such as Assets, Service, and Rentals. What else does the powerhouse Scheduling module provide?
  • Planning flexibility - see the cost and scheduling effects of using different facilities, assets, roles, employees, and freelancers
  • Conflict resolution - graphical layouts provide easy detection and resolution of booking conflicts
  • Publishing power - provide published schedules while respecting different notice-period guidelines, and use convenient tools like Google Calendar to view schedules
  • Production visibility - map schedules by production project, resource group, or team, and stay organized by linking projects and work orders to customers, cost centers, and budget periods
  • Grouping efficiency - combine people and facilities into resource groups to manage schedules more quickly and easily
  • Integration power - facilitate successful events by booking the right facilities, assets, and people while also knowing what assets may have open Service Requests and what items in what locations are available for rental
  • Status awareness - know what resources are committed to what activities for what timeframes, and be alerted regarding changes and potential follow-up responsibilities
  • Real-time cost-tracking - manage budgeted and baseline amounts while instantly seeing the actual cost effects of various planning and scheduling scenarios
  • Invoicing control - effectively manage all invoicing and charge-back variables including facility booking rates, billable personnel, additional rental rates for assets and kits, and make sure charges are tied to the proper cost centers, customers, accounts, and projects
  • Usage insight - powerful costing and capacity utilization reports support better decisions such as renting out facilities or resource groups during historically slower periods

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