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VimBiz Broadcast Enterprise Asset Management
VimBiz Broadcast Enterprise Asset Management Return to Assets
Included with your organization’s assets in VimBiz is a tremendously efficient method of updating inventory dates and exact locations. With unique identifiers on assets as well as for rooms and racks, all it takes is a combination of VimScan Inventory Technology and the VimBiz Scanning Sessions sub-module to have instant verification of matches between the physical location of assets and their recorded system location. Performing inventory checks is no longer an arduous task—it’s a breeze with VimBiz. What benefits does this Scanning Sessions sub-module provide?
  • Inventory efficiency - a simple scan reveals what’s recorded in a room or rack, and subsequent asset scanning quickly verifies what is actually there
  • Exception flagging - be instantly alerted when a scan reveals an asset is in a new location, and be given options to deal with any scanned code not associated with an asset or location
  • Scanning flexibility - leverage the efficiencies enabled by Scanning Sessions whether using a simple barcode scanner, a memory or “batch” scanner, a VimBiz Mobile device, an RFID reader, or manual entry

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