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In the broadcasting and media world, rental operations involve a very broad range of workflows. There are equipment check-in and check-out processes, of course, but there also unplanned rentals where someone shows up at a counter. There are rental kits to manage, as well as policies and rates. Often stockroom items need to go out with a booking. There can be different rental facilities involved, preparation periods, multiple check-outs on the same rental, and split invoicing. The VimBiz Rentals module enables powerful rentals flexibility whether you’re managing student camera kit check-outs, A/V rental houses, a public broadcaster tech store, or a fleet of mobile trucks providing onsite broadcasting services for major sports, entertainment, and political events. A big reason for the power of this module is its integration with the Catalog, Assets, Stockrooms, Service, and Scheduling modules. What else does VimBiz Rentals provide?
  • Ultimate flexibility - rent specifically identified assets and even lock them down, or specify any unit of a given model and resolve upon check-out
  • Parts power - keep track of quantities and costs related to items that may be partially or totally depleted during a rental
  • Availability assessment - instantly know what is rentable and what is available for specific timeframes, both locally and throughout the organization
  • Financial accountability - manage fees and rates that apply to late returns, non-returns, and consumed items
  • Kit efficiency - simplify rental operations with several grouping options, including kits and skids
  • Barcode and RFID compatibility - book, check out, and check in rental items and kits using the speed and accuracy of barcode and/or RFID technology
  • Conflict resolution - increase efficiency through software that knows how to substitute equipment when it’s appropriate, shows you what is and isn’t available, and allows you to book transfers or purchase items to fulfill bookings
  • Status visibility - stay on top of rentals throughout configurable stages, and be alerted when situations change
  • Powerful reporting - not only see rentals by employee, department, cost center, project, and customer, but also maintain optimal rental inventory by analyzing usage rates

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