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Order cycles involve many potentially complex steps that can change based on many factors, such as cost center limits, authorization rules, and supplier preferences—all components baked into the VimBiz Purchasing module. Using a Product Catalog ensures consistency among an engineer requiring a part to fix a problem, an inventory manager looking to restock critical items, a project planner needing vendor price requests to be sent before committing budget, and a purchasing manager wanting to save costs by coordinating orders by supplier. VimBiz Purchasing is an immensely powerful module that ties all these concerns together so everyone can do their job much more effectively. What else does it provide?
  • Purchase Request organization - save time and avoid mistakes by having requests arrive preconfigured by vendor, supplier, requester, authorization status, cost center rules, customer, project, Service Request, and more
  • Purchase Order accuracy - the Product Catalog eliminates errors associated with the old “type anything” way of creating POs
  • Flexible authorization - configure authorization schema based on cost center limits and line items, or set up authorizations that escalate or take effect at the PO level, or implement a combination
  • Purchasing visibility - instantly see the status of all orders and items on each order, and configure notifications so the right people are informed at the right time
  • Receiving efficiency - quickly receive items, initiate internal delivery, convert to assets, or flag for restock
  • Payment power - stay on top of what has been paid, not paid, and partially paid
  • Powerful metrics - access powerful reports detailing who orders what and why, and gain visibility on supplier metrics such as turnaround time

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