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Engineering projects have traditionally been fraught with unstructured processes, cost overruns, and unpredicted occurrences that extend project timelines. Sound familiar? The VimBiz Projects module brings order, consistency, visibility, and flexibility through powerful Project Management tools. Tightly integrated with the Catalog, Purchasing, and Service modules, VimBiz Projects also incorporates strong financial controls to ensure engineering projects are on-time, on-spec, and on-budget. More specifically, what does this module provide?
  • Real-time cost tracking - instantly see the budgetary effects of alternate product, service, and supplier decisions
  • Time-management power - organize the timing of orders, deliveries, and installations to minimize disruptions and backlogs
  • Status awareness - receive alerts on project activities that may affect smooth implementation
  • Financial predictability - smooth the timing of invoices to avoid the dreaded tidal wave of payables with similar due dates
  • Labor control - manage the timing and cost of contracted services as well as work performed using internal resources
  • Task organization - efficiently manage timing, cost, and responsibilities for all project tasks
  • Management efficiency - clone projects, synchronize activities by important dates, apply tax rules, and always remain aware of what needs to be done, when, where, and who is involved
  • Full project visibility - stay on top of remaining budget and report on projects by several variables including cost, status, date, and fiscal period

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