VimBiz Broadcast Enterprise Asset Management Kits & SkidsKits & Skids

VimBiz Broadcast Enterprise Asset Management Kits & Skids
VimBiz Broadcast Enterprise Asset Management Return to Assets
The comprehensive VimBiz solution contains a number of ways to group products or assets that are related to each other, and some of the most versatile grouping options are found in the Kits and Skids sub-module. Used extensively in rental operations, kits and skids facilitate efficient check-outs and check-ins. What does the Kits and Skids sub-module provide?
  • Content flexibility - combine products/parts (e.g., batteries) with assets (e.g., camera, lens, viewfinder, microphone, tripod) to establish minimum kit or skid contents, saving time and ensuring completeness
  • Status awareness - through integration with the Service module, avoid availability issues by instantly seeing if kit or skid contents contain items with Service Requests, and be flagged on items that are inoperable
  • Skid/pallet power - group kits, products, and assets into skids or pallets to facilitate larger groupings that are especially useful for shipping to big events
  • Barcode and RFID efficiency - scan unique kit and skid identification tags to quickly process check-outs and check-ins, and use asset tags or UPC codes to efficiently build kits and skids

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