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People make your organization what it is. Software facilitates what these people do, and to maximize workflow power and efficiency good software handles employee information much richer than a name and login credentials. VimBiz takes this to an unprecedented level through integration of employees with every module. The VimBiz Human Resources module is where employee details are managed—everything from contact information, cost center, and location details to related assets, related employees, managers, substitutes, and authorizers. An employee’s roles are also managed here, providing an important link to Scheduling and Timecards functionality. It’s where an employee’s training is managed along with preferred settings, team involvement, attendance details, and more. Why is this level of detail important? Because it forms the backbone and populates the defaults related to what employees can do in VimBiz, and it’s what drives the visibility and powerful reporting the system provides. What else does VimBiz Human Resources provide?
  • Audit awareness - tying employees to user permissions and other modules eliminates the guesswork regarding who did what to which record and when
  • Workflow efficiency - employee defaults and settings mean important forms open largely pre-populated and permissions match responsibilities
  • Authorization power - flexible Purchasing and Timecards authorization schema mean the right people approve activities performed by employees
  • Role visibility - quickly assign the right people with the right experience to the right tasks
  • Organizational visibility - foster effective communication through instant views of who manages who and what the organizational and title structures looks like
  • Contract control - gain large efficiencies and avoid costly mistakes by associating employees to relevant labor rules and other contractual information, ensuring the right scheduling decisions are made

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