Who VimBiz Helps...
• Chief of Broadcast Engineering
With VimBiz, I can...
  • Maximize my service team’s efficiency through better communication and access to rich data
  • Manage my inventory of capital assets (equipment and software)
  • Oversee all activities performed in my service shops
  • Instantly determine workload and product-related experience level of service team members
  • Create and manage engineering projects and related costs
  • Control and authorize products being requested by my service team
  • Optimize my equipment’s uptime
  • Consult powerful reports and views that show me how well my shops perform, what requests we spend our time on, what actions we perform to resolve requests, and what isn’t moving along satisfactorily
  • Achieve complete lifecycle management, allowing my team and my finance department to make the right decisions regarding asset replacement, warranties, and service contracts

VimBiz Broadcast Engineering

• Service Engineer
• Project Manager
• Inventory Manager
• Purchasing Manager
• IT Manager
• Help Desk Manager
• Rentals Manager
• Discrepancy Manager
• Resource Scheduling Manager

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