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Effective management of asset lifecycles, stockroom inventory, service workflows, rental operations, and Resource Scheduling inevitably involves manipulation of financial variables. VimBiz includes very powerful financial management functionality simply because Vimsoft customers have various levels of finance-related needs that extend well beyond the capabilities of any traditional financial system. Financial managers can rest assured that VimBiz accurately captures the daily revenue-generating and cost-incurring activities related to assets, people, and facilities. Furthermore, VimBiz supports better decisions by displaying financial information in numerous illuminating reports. What benefits does this powerful VimBiz Finance module provide?
  • Full accounting control - stay on top of budget periods, responsibility and cost centers, depreciation, receivables, payables, assets, liabilities, equity, currencies, and all account transactions
  • Payroll flexibility - further leverage the Human Resources module by running payroll and managing all tax and other government contributions
  • Invoice visibility - instantly see and manage all invoices from a single area, regardless of what VimBiz activities generated them
  • Expense control - gain complete visibility over expense reporting, including management of expense types and accounts
  • Tax power - avoid penalties by staying on top of what government tax responsibilities are tied to purchases, sales, and payroll
  • Reporting nirvana - because so many activities are managed in VimBiz the financial reporting based on these activities is virtually limitless—examples include financial statements, journal entries, budget periods vs. actuals, outstanding receivables, outstanding payables, and much more

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