Features & Benefits

The comprehensive VimBiz database application suite brings a multitude of benefits to your organization. Here are some general VimBiz features and benefits.

Features Benefits
Centralized relational database Fosters collaboration
Improves communication
Shared visibility of records and changes
Highly normalized data structure Ensures data integrity (promotes clean data)
Improves consistency, reduces errors
Enhances productivity
More accurate reporting
Model-driven architecture (VimDev framework) Easily customized
Future-proof: eliminates obsolescence
Simplified updating
Streamlined interfacing with other systems
Untouchable price/performance ratio
Multiple searching methods Quick and easy record location
Increased efficiency and productivity
Product-centric cataloging Efficient data handling
Simplified wide-scale changes
Service knowledgebase Efficient issue resolution
Significantly enhanced productivity
Highly visual Graphical User Interface Intuitive
Low training time and cost
Fosters user uptake
Company and User Settings Tailored organizational workflows
Personal feel enhances user experience
Multi-platform: Rich, Web, Mobile Improves access: anywhere and from multiple devices
Module integration Efficient workflows
Increased record visibility
Elimination of barriers: comprehensive functionality
Decreased need for multiple systems
Flexible user permission schema Employees easily matched with appropriate permissions
Multilingual Enhanced user experience: employees work in preferred language
Import mapping and export tools Simplified data importation
Data easily exported to common formats
Enhanced cleanliness of legacy data
Microsoft SQL Server database Superior scalability
Crystal Reports engine Powerful and flexible reporting
Established reporting standard
Supports user-modified and user-designed reports
Sliding-scale pricing structure Fair and scalable pricing
Price based only on what is needed
Licensing model supports broad access at low cost
Extensive auto-notifications Enhances situational awareness
Improves communication
Fosters collaboration
Bulk change, cloning, merging, drag and drop Unparalleled data manipulation efficiency
Barcode and RFID compatibility Enhanced workflow efficiency
Instantaneous record verification
Unbeatable ROI System payback in 2-3 months, possibly less
Broadcasting and media focus Solution tailored BY broadcast experts FOR broadcast experts

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