VimBiz Enterprise Asset Management E-DocumentsE-Documents

Easily accessible and contextual electronic files—a simple concept with large efficiency benefits. VimBiz E-Documents is more than a module—E-Docs are present throughout the VimBiz solution. Any electronic file of any format is easily inserted into and retrieved from a general document store, or directly associated with a relevant record. This sort of supporting contextual information is so helpful and so easily accessed that, once experienced, no user will ever want to work without E-Docs. What benefits do E-Documents provide?
  • Data centralization - putting e-files in a highly structured repository makes it very easy for everyone to search, locate, and open important files
  • High-performance cataloging - storing files directly in a database means near-instantaneous search results from Rich-client, mobile, or Web environments
  • File richness - easily identify the right file based on rich supporting information such as description, size, type, current folder, who added it, and when it was modified
  • Contextual information - make sense of valuable documentation by linking it with appropriate records—an employee handbook can belong in a general folder while menu settings may apply to a specific asset, a service bulletin to a model, a wiring image to a Service Request, a service contract to a production project, and so on
  • Seamless integration - E-Docs are available in a structured folder tree as well as in direct association with relevant records such as products, assets, Service Requests, Service Agreements, rental bookings, discrepancies, production projects and engineering projects, contacts, customers, and more—ensuring the right information is where it should be
  • Image power - a dedicated image store enables quick access to a highly structured repository with rich information relevant to each file

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