VimBiz Broadcast Enterprise Asset Management DiscrepanciesDiscrepancies

The link between discrepancies and dollars is easy to recognize. Effectively managing on-air and other types of discrepancies saves broadcasting and media companies big money. The VimBiz Discrepancies module is a powerful ally in Discrepancy Reporting and analysis, enabling managers to spot the trends, take action, and prevent issues from ever making it to air. Broadcasters love this. Advertisers love this. Everybody wins. What else does VimBiz Discrepancies provide?
  • Detail capture - categorize and report on all the important DR variables related to timing, severity, affected media, source, and content
  • Trend analysis - structured discrepancy data capture enables powerful reporting to spot trends and take corrective action
  • Situational awareness - highly configurable alerts ensure the right people are kept aware of important discrepancy information most relevant to their area of responsibility
  • Make Good power - flags and auto-notifications ensure advertisers are appropriately treated when interruptions or omissions occur
  • Resolution tools - Service Requests and E-Documents can be associated with any discrepancy, providing powerful mechanisms for follow-up, visibility, and resolution

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