VimBiz Broadcast Enterprise Asset Management SNMPDevice Monitoring

VimBiz Broadcast Enterprise Asset Management SNMP Device Monitoring
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SNMP is a standard protocol for managing devices on IP networks. The VimBiz Device Monitoring sub-module enables an organization to monitor specifications and statuses of networked IT and broadcasting assets, and to have those devices trigger Service Requests or discrepancies based on configured thresholds. Great efficiencies can be gained by leveraging the communication power of networked devices combined with the extensive functionality of VimBiz. Devices can report their own problems or even call for help before a problem develops. Computer systems can be efficiently inventoried for software, hardware, specifications, performance statistics, updates, and fixes. What does this powerful Device Monitoring sub-module provide?
  • Tech-term translation - a pre-loaded MIB browser displays low-level data in a more descriptive fashion than typical system-generated language, making SNMP polling configurations and trap results much more user-friendly
  • Polling power - increase the amount of information known about valuable assets by configuring and pushing SNMP polls to populate device specifications and other variables
  • Distress-call visibility - stay on top of assets in trouble by having VimBiz listen for SNMP traps, which are like SOS distress calls sent by any networked device
  • Resolution efficiency - ensure rapid problem identification, follow-up, and resolution by configuring device thresholds that will trigger Service Requests or discrepancies during any polling event or trap

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