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Customers sustain your business and effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) increases revenue, drives efficiency, enhances both internal and external communication, and decreases costs. Even more powerful is combining CRM tools in the same database that houses all catalog, asset, project, and service data. This is a key benefit of the VimBiz Customers module. Forecasting, quoting, and invoicing are simplified because all the catalog, vendor, supplier, and product/service data are already in VimBiz. So are customer contacts and project details. Service work and customer assets are also handled in VimBiz, so the Customers module is a complementary extension of core VimBiz functionality. What benefits does this module provide?
  • Knowledge management - the cornerstone of CRM—centrally organized customer records keep everyone aware of the latest developments, ensuring efficiency and consistency
  • Customer service enhancement - the power of shared internal information makes your organization look very good in the eyes of customers
  • Forecasting flexibility - manage percentages, statuses, and product/service mixes to see what produces revenue, making for better predictive ability over time
  • Distribution management - control and track communications and recipient lists to foster revenue opportunities
  • Integration power - greatly enhance efficiency by managing customer projects, ordering, products, assets, and service work in the same database where customer quoting, invoicing, and other details are managed
  • Financial visibility - stay on top of Accounts Receivable, customer account statuses, and recurring revenue

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