VimBiz Broadcast Enterprise Asset Management ContactsContacts

Whether your primary focus is Broadcast Engineering or Operations, your daily activities involve interaction with fellow employees as well as with external contacts—the key technical experts at a supplier or manufacturer; the primary contacts at a customer; your dentist. The VimBiz Contacts module helps organize these resources using the same best-practices search tools and structural elements found in core modules like Catalog and Assets. And in conjunction with the Customers module, VimBiz Contacts provides valuable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) capabilities. What benefits does the VimBiz Contacts module provide?
  • Record richness - extensive centralized contact details add value for all who access such records
  • Grouping efficiency - a folder tree simplifies contact categorization and searching, while additional many-to-many grouping functionality enables efficient categorization without introducing duplicate records
  • Synchronization power - leverage the value of Microsoft Outlook address books by synchronizing with VimBiz
  • Privacy protection - flag contacts as public or private to take advantage of record centralization and additional VimBiz functionality benefits
  • CRM integration - gain efficiencies through association of contacts with customers

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