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For IT Departments, managing change is a bit like managing incidents, except the disruptions are planned. Change Management also involves additional variables, such as documentation of rationale, alternatives, side effects, and consequences for non-implementation. VimBiz Change Management addresses these areas while enabling IT Departments to leverage additional efficiencies provided by VimBiz—most notably integration with areas involving assets, people, Service Requests, and purchasing. What benefits does the Change Management sub-module provide?
  • Status awareness - grouping change initiatives all in one place helps IT Departments stay on top of statuses, whether in planning stages, fully approved and implemented, or in some other stage fully configurable by IT
  • Authorization control - from management of Change Advisory Boards to individual authorizers and their substitutes, VimBiz enables powerful control of change-approval processes
  • Integration power - links to affected assets, affected employees, and related Service Requests and e-files (and more) enable comprehensive Change Management functionality to be housed in a powerful centralized database
  • Workflow flexibility - calendar views and status views offer rich visibility of Change Management initiatives and allow IT personnel to work using preferred methods

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