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VimBiz incorporates a catalog concept using a product-centric structure. What does that mean? It means ensured data integrity through efficient architecture. It means everyone in an organization accesses the same Product Catalog. It means manufacturers, models, product types, descriptions, documentation, suppliers, addresses, contacts, and other information only exist once in your database. Why is this important?
  • Easy data entry - the catalog makes adding 5 assets or parts little different from adding 5,000
  • Efficient data manipulation - globally change product information without having to touch hundreds or thousands of records
  • Documentation power - associate any file with a product and automatically that file is associated with all instances of that product
  • Specification control - define unlimited specifications for any product type and all assets will inherit the specs related to the corresponding model within that product type
  • Simplified purchasing - requests, authorizations, and POs come from the same catalog, greatly reducing errors
  • Inventory efficiency - easily manage locations and quantities of stockroom parts and consumables
  • Flexible project management - budget, plan, order, receive, and install using the same catalog, facilitating projects that flow predictably, are on-time, and within budget
  • Knowledgebase accrual - the resolution of Service Requests and Incidents automatically builds a rich service history specific to each model
  • Powerful reporting - analyze across product categories or drill down to specific assets
  • Rentals flexibility - easily manage rentals at the product level when the check-out of a specifically tagged unit is not important

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