VimBiz Broadcast Enterprise Asset ManagementCables

VimBiz Broadcast Enterprise Asset Management Cables
VimBiz Broadcast Enterprise Asset Management Return to Assets
The smooth operation of today’s broadcast facilities is highly dependent on huge lengths of cabling connecting rack-mounted equipment to devices throughout a building. Often there are cabling diagrams on the walls of central control rooms, and when all tie-wrapped and strain-relieved, proper cabling layouts are like an art form. VimBiz complements best practices in cable management by enabling increased visibility and control of these miles of material connecting critical broadcasting assets. What benefits does the VimBiz Cables sub-module provide?
  • End-to-end visibility - be more confident and minimize surprises by knowing what cable connects what assets in what locations
  • Input/output control - avoid mistakes through instant visibility of connector types and exact locations of inputs and outputs
  • Record richness - increase awareness of important cable information such as identification numbers, associated diagrams, cable types, and statuses

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