Barcode & RFID

VimBiz works beautifully with existing or new barcode labels and scanners. A barcode scanner is just a fancy keyboard that automatically types in a code. Use this technology to associate an Asset Number to any asset. Then every time that asset is scanned VimBiz will recognize it. Think of the efficiencies to be gained. Scan an item to bring up its service information. Facilitate equipment check-ins and check-outs. Create a Pick List in VimBiz, scan all the items in a room, and then bulk change all those assets at once (like update the inventory date, assign a new project number, and change the operating budget).

RFID technology takes asset management to the next level. RFID tags could automatically trigger asset updates in VimBiz, such as a location change when an asset is removed from one room and put in another or an equipment status change when an asset is checked out on a rental. Vimsoft offers RFID project consulting services.

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