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Assets are specific examples of products in your Product Catalog. Assets often have a barcode and/or RFID tag. Assets have individual lifecycles that have enormous but often overlooked cost implications for every broadcasting and media organization. VimBiz incorporates powerful asset-management tools that provide accurate information about every asset’s status, cost, location, relationships, and many other important variables. This level of power enables more informed decisions with respect to capital purchases. What else does VimBiz Asset Management provide?
  • Asset visibility - instantly know what you have, where it is, and all technical, financial, operational, and service-related information
  • Relationship power - manage software licenses and related hardware, manage cards and frames, combine assets into systems, create kits, build facilities, and much more
  • Inventory efficiency - instantly update inventory date and location using a barcode or RFID reader
  • Import/export flexibility - easily export asset data to various common formats, and use powerful importation schema to add or update assets while controlling duplicates
  • Cable management - know what cable type with what connectors joins what assets in specific rack units
  • Documentation power - associate files to a specific asset when content is unique to that asset
  • Specification control - define unlimited specifications for assets within a product type when the values may differ among assets of the same model
  • Powerful reporting - gain visibility on what assets are costing over time and how these costs are distributed

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